Media Company Tells Groom To Cry Over His Dead Wife On Social Media

Copper Stallion Media it’s a wedding videographer and photography company. The company claims to be based out of Dallas, Texas but there is one problem the company is not registered with the state of Texas according to the Secretary of State.

This company tortured a groom on what we’re supposed to be the best day of his life. Groom lost his wife earlier this year and requested a refund. Not only did the business not issue a refund but they then tortured the Groom by saying on social media that they hope he cries on the day that he was supposed to get married.

If anyone in is thinking about copper stallion media as there videotographer, please consider this. My brother was to be…

Posted by Natalie Montney on Sunday, May 24, 2020

The person responsible seems to be Jessie J. Clark. This isn’t the first time he has done this. In 2013, Clark was already accused of scamming over 92 couples.

According to the Post Millennial, “He has owned several similar companies, some of which are SureShot Videography, SureShot Portraits LLC, Kustom Films, In Focus Studios, Magnolia Films, Wedding Filmology, and Film Monkey Studios. He has also allegedly used multiple names including Michael Collins, John Francis, Jaie Hart, and Corey Ayers.”