Democratic Small Business Owner Says Socialism Is The Path Forward To Save Small Businesses

Ira Mattice and his wife Kristin own Mattice Plumbing. A company he claims has been in business for over 50 years although the State of FL says the business was dissolved in 2008 for lack of filing taxes. 

When asked for comment on his lies he did not immediately respond.

Ira took to Facebook on Tuesday to say “Be nice to shut down Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes for 2 months and let the Small businesses open up to give them a shot all this virus has done is help corporate giants crush the [sic] true backbone of this country Small Business…”

But I didn’t stop many individuals from saying that his solution would hurt jobs by getting many people laid off. Additionally, people called him out for his close relationship with socialism due to his desire to have the government manipulate the market.

As people were calling him out, he blamed them for being younger and saying “your definitely a Millennial you only care about yourself.”

He did not even try to justify his opinion just attacked people personally.