Judge Forces Puberty Blockers On 7 Year Old Boy So A Woman Can Castrate Him

On August 11th, a Dallas judge decided to take away the parental rights of Jeffrey Young. Jeffrey Young is the father of a young boy whose mom is trying to cut off his body parts. She’s trying to force her seven-year-old child to have gender reassignment surgery.

A judge initially awarded the parents joint custody in which they were to make all medical decisions together. However, Dallas Judge Mary Brown overturned the decision and took all parental rights away from him.

Now, the mother will be allowed to enroll him in school as a girl and force him to take medical procedures that she thinks are acceptable.

The interesting thing is the “mother”┬áis not even the biological parent of the child. But the dad is the biological father.

Judge Brown canceled the hearing and did not even give the father a chance to plead his case before unilaterally deciding that the mother would have full custody.

Judge Brown is a lifelong Democrat who is donated to many Democratic candidates over the years. This includes 2004 Vice President nominee John Edwards. Obviously being a life long Democrat her bias is showing especially given the fact that she didn’t even grant the father a hearing.


  1. To the father…keep fighting. Dont give up on your son.

  2. This Judge needs to be FIRED ! She is unethical!!!! This is a 7 yr old boy and this is his step mother ,she is over stepping her boundaries and taking away all parental rights of the father. This is WRONG !!


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