A DEPLORABLE MOMENT: Joe Biden Attacks Trump Supporters Telling Them To Seek Mental Health Treatment

Joe Biden choose to use his platform to attack Trump supporters who believe in QAnon. Biden said the QAnon phenomenon was humiliating for the country and condemned President Donald Trump for failing to denounce it.

He claimed that the organization is “dangerous” and “embarassing.” “I’ve been a big supporter of mental health,” the former VP said. “I’d recommend the people who believe it maybe should take advantage, while it still exists, of the Affordable Care Act.”

He made this announcement while speaking at a campaign event in Delaware. He said that people who believe in the phenomenon were humiliating the country. He also went as far to say that Donald Trump is responsible for not denouncing it.

“What in God’s name are we doing? Look at how it makes us look around the world. It’s mortifying. It’s embarrassing, and it’s dangerous,” he said. “If the president doesn’t know better, which he has to know better, then my Lord we’re in much more trouble than I ever thought we were.”

“This can’t go on. This cannot go on. It’s the deconstruction of our democratic system.” the presidential candidate added.

“The words of a president matter. Even a lousy president,” Biden said. “It gives encouragement to people who are spouting irrational views that no one has even close to presuming or showing ever existed.”


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