Cindy McCain Joins Joe Biden’s Team, Claims “Country First”

Cindy McCain who is the wife of the late Senator John McCain announced she will support former VP Joe Biden. Not only will she endorse him but she will get to be on his transition team.

Cindi has announced that she will be on his transition team as a member of its advisory board according to the Wall Street Journal who published a report yesterday. On Tuesday, she announced that she was endorsing the Democratic nominee for president and that her and her husband live by a code of “country first.”

Obviously, because it’s the Democratic Party they expect everyone to work for free so she won’t be paid for her work. She will however offer her advice to the team.

Joe Biden and John McCain were friends back when John McCain was alive. During the 2016 presidential election, President Donald Trump called out Senator John McCain for his lack of candor.

John McCain was known for throwing fits and tantrums regarding President Trump’s stance on politics. He will be forever remembered as an embarrassment to the Republican party. He refused to revoke the Obamacare Act.


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