VIDEO: Joe Biden Says To The President Of The United States ‘Will You Shut Up Man’ On National Television

Joe Biden claims to want to be the President of the United States. They didn’t stop him from acting extremely inappropriate and the debate last night. The former vice president ordered the current president to “shut up.”

Clearly, this kind of behavior shows that he has anger management issues and cannot control his behavior. If he tells Trump to shut up when he gets upset what is he going to say to other world leaders when he’s trying to negotiate. How is he going to be able to control himself when he’s dealing with the nuclear codes.

He hasn’t agitation problem that clearly shows he needs psychiatric help. This kind of behavior is extremely dangerous. It’s maladaptive and it shows that he has no control over any situation.

What happens when he starts making split minded decisions. He is clearly not in control and has anger management issues that are beyond reasonable for the President of the United States.

Instead of trying to hold public office he really needs to see a counselor who can guide him through his anger management and impulsive actions.


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