SICK: Joe Biden Just Lied About The Military

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden lied about the number of United States service members who have died from the coronavirus.

“Military COVID infected: 118,984. Military COVID deaths: 6,114. Folks, every one of these lives mattered,” Biden said in a speech to a group in Warren, Mich.

Obviously, he was unable to cite a source for the 6,114 number that he randomly pulled out of his head. The number of individuals who have been killed by COVID-19 that are currently serving in the military is seven. If you add the contractors, dependents, and civilians that number rises to 90 total deaths.

According to the Free Beacon, “The department has also experienced a total of more than 58,000 infections, with just over 1,240 hospitalizations.”

“Biden read the number off of what he said was a “schedule” that he carries with the number of troops who have died or been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with daily updates on coronavirus case and death counts in United States and among the U.S. military.”


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