VIDEO: University Of Texas Staff Member Abuses And Degrades Conservative Student

According to the University of North Texas, Shane Warren is a student who is employed as a student assistant. He is a research assistant for the university. According to Linked In, he is involved in “quantitative and qualitative analysis of legal, historical, geographic, demographic and economic data for urban policy applications.”

His Twitter account is used to announce his actions as a member of the University and a former President of the University of North Texas Democrats. His bio says “Urban Policy and Planning | Economics | Texan | Left | Former @UntDemocrats President | Secretary for @apaso_unt|.”

There’s just one problem. He uses his account to degrade, abuse, and humiliate the conservative students on campus.

The University Code of Conduct says:
Students or Student Groups may be disciplined for attempting to or engaging in the misconduct listed below.

Conduct affecting the University community, including but not limited to

Interfering with University or University-sponsored activities, such as teaching, learning, and research, including study abroad.
Engaging in disorderly or obscene conduct.

Breaching the peace, or aiding, abetting, or inciting another to breach the peace.

Engaging in the following disruptive activity:

Preventing or attempting to prevent by force or violence or the threat of force or violence an individual from engaging in expressive activity or participating in a lawful assembly conducted in accordance with University policy; or This section (B6) should not be construed to infringe on any right of free speech, assembly or expression guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States and Texas.

You can see some of these tweets below:

As you can see in the tweets above, he participated in the destruction of a pro-life memorial that was set up by the Young Conservatives of Texas. The memorial was vandalized by liberal students on campus. They organized a destruction game called “capture the flag.”

The Chaos Post has reached out to the university provost to find out if they are considering any disciplinary action against the students.


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