WATCH: Joe Biden Addresses ‘Some Black Woman’ Stocking Shelves

CORRECTION: ACCORDING TO LEAD STORIES AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Yes, that is true, but in its context it’s clear Biden was praising, not demeaning Black people. On the full video, Democratic nominee Biden said Americans have realized that Black and Latino people helped them during the COVID-19 pandemic, which he said is a starting point for reconciliation.

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Joe Biden has done it again, he has opened his big mouth. While the Democratic Party continues to allege that President Trump is a Joe Biden has shown his true colors.

Vice President Joe Biden has locked himself away in the basement of his home for months hiding from the media and scared to take questions from the press. Dave Rubin shared a video from Rob Smith that shows Joe Biden making comments towards Black people.

According to Fox News, Biden said “And they say, ‘Well, why in the hell would you say that Biden? You just talked about all these difficulties.’ Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the American public, the blinders have been taken off,” Biden told the roundtable attendees. “They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer.”

“They’re saying, ‘Jeeze, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf. Or a young Hispanic is out there, these dreamers are out there, 60,000 of them acting as first responders and nurses and docs.’ Or all of a sudden people are realizing, ‘My Lord, these people have done so much. Not just Black, White, across the board, have done so much for me. We can do this. We can get things done.’ And I think they’re ready.”


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