Los Angeles Times Only Fact-Checked The Republican Candidate For Vice President

The Los Angeles Times published an article on October 7 that fact-checked the vice presidential debate. What makes this article notable is that it only fact checks Vice President Mike Pence.

Keep in mind, there were multiple lies made by Senator Kamala Harris at the debate and the Los Angeles Times chose to ignore those lies.

According to the Times, these were the falsehoods of the debate.

1. No, Trump did not ban all travel from China as the pandemic began.

2. No, the Trump administration isn’t protecting coverage for preexisting medical conditions.

3. No, Biden’s plan wouldn’t raise taxes on middle-class families.

4. Comparing the COVID-19 pandemic to the swine flu outbreak in 2009 is off-base.

5. It’s true: Harris wouldn’t answer a ‘court-packing’ question.

Obviously, this is journalism bias because they only decided to fact check the Republican candidate. You can read their article here. For reference, it is also achieved here.
The Chaos Post reached out to the Times for comment and has not heard back as of yet.


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