Moates: The Only Reason Joe Biden Picked Kamala Harris Is Because She Is Black And A Woman

It’s obvious that we live in a state of times where affirmative action is important to the Democratic Party. They disguise racism with the premise of choosing people who are not white.

A good example of this would be how the department of justice is currently suing Yale university for discriminating against white people. Kamala Harris is only relevant because she’s black and a woman.

Joe Biden needed someone who was his opposite. He is a old white man so he needed a young black woman to support his run.

What kind of ironic is that the Democratic Party lives in a time of wanting to punish the police and yet they chose a career prosecutor who has supported the police officers for years.

As attorney general of California, she was engaged in numerous coverups, targeted the LGBTQ community and prosecuted a record number of blacks


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