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PA Mayor Fires Chief Of Police Because Wife Supports Donald Trump


In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the mayor, Danene Sorace who is a Democrat, announced the retirement of the chief of police at a press conference on October 2.

During the press conference which was very short, the mayor took no comments or questions. The police chief did not attend the press conference and has also not issued any further.

Usually, the retirement of a police chief wouldn’t make such a big deal for the price. But it was leaked to the media that the reason for the retirement was because his wife supported President Trump.

According to Hot Air, “According to a past president of the local Fraternal Order of Police, this was actually a case of the Mayor telling Berkihiser that he could either choose to retire early or be fired. And it was because of comments that the Chief’s wife had posted on Facebook in support of President Trump.”

“The comments posted by the Chief’s wife have since been deleted, but they were captured and saved before they disappeared. In a thread about volunteering at a Trump rally, a friend of Kristy Berkihiser (the Chief’s wife) posted something about how sincerely the President had spoken about his support of law enforcement. Mrs. Berkihiser responded by saying, “why I’m voting for him again. Same reason as last time… you don’t see him meeting w Jacob Blake’s family or speaking to him by phone…”

In followup series of exchanges with the press, the Mayor continued to insist that she couldn’t make any further comment on the subject, citing privacy and an “agreement” between her and the soon-to-be ex-Chief. Jarrad Berkihiser isn’t issuing any public statements either.



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