Video: Senator John Cornyn Just Showed The World How Smart Judge Amy Coney Barrett Truly Is

Senator John Cornyn of the great State of Texas allowed Amy Coney Barrett to show just how smart she was. During a brief interaction between the two, he asked her to hold up her notes.

When she held up her notes it was a blank pad that had nothing on it. What made this even funnier was when Cornyn asked her what was on the page she said “the letterhead that says United States Senate.”

It allowed her to show that she was not referencing any notes that she had taken or prepared. Rather, all of this was coming directly from her head by memory.

Many liberals took advantage of the white pad and created fake images of her saying different things that were not actually said. They spread things on social media.

The exchange between the two with epic and it led to laughter in the Senate hearing room.


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