VIDEO: Trump Supporters Embarrass CNN’s Jim Acosta Live On National Television

Earlier this week, Jim Acosta who works for CNN was covering President Trump’s rally in Florida. As he was on national television, supporters of President Donald Trump in the background started yelling “CNN sucks.” They were obviously referring to the fact that CNN is fake news and has no desire, to tell the truth.

Jim Acosta has decided to clap back at the president by saying “what also sucks, getting the coronavirus.” He clearly showed his contempt for the president. Being a member of the mainstream media, it’s embarrassing that he would have so much hate for the White House.

It’s sad that he would attack the President of the United States for getting something that was beyond his control. Imagine having so much hate for someone that you have to attack them and their health because you feel insecure about yourself.

It’s absolutely disgusting what he did.

Watch below:


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