VIDEO: Top Democrat Admits She Is ‘Really Impressed’ With Judge Amy Coney Barrett

As a first for Democrats, Diane Feinstein the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Admitted that she was “really impressed” with Amy Coney Barrett’s definition of “severability.”

This is probably the first time in the hearings that Democrats have praised Judge Barrett. The exchange happened after they were questions about a case in which they discuss the affordable care act and whether or not an individual mandate can cause the law to be struck down as a whole.

Judge Barrett argued that it depends on what the intention of Congress would be and if Congress would allow the law to stand without the provision that was taken out.

The two had a very healthy discussion and at the end of the conversation, she said that she was really impressed with Judge Barrett.

It was very interesting to watch the two have the discussion especially since Democrats have spent the majority of their time grilling her over her positions and passed opinions as a judge.


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